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Software Testing:
Software testing is the process of verifying and validating that a software application is fit for purpose. Verifying means checking that a software application does not have any defects and validation means checking that the software application meets the users requirements. For example there is no point in creating the perfect application that is defect free if it doesn't meet the end users requirements.
Manual Testing Automated testing tools using WIN RUNNER
- Basics of S/W testing
- Testing introduction and terminology
- Verfication and Validation
- Testing Strategies
- Level of testing
- Black Box testing methods
- Writing test cases
- Defect handling reporting
- Introduction
- Recording test modes
- Synchronizing test
- GUI Check points
- Bitmap check points
- Programming test with TSL
- Reading test
- Creating the data driven test
- Exception Handling
Introduction to Test Director QTP
- Test director basics
- Requirement specifications
- Test planning
- Test execution
- Defect tracking
- Test director analysis
- Architecture of QTP
- Testing application using QTP
- Recording and running
- Synchronization of test cases
- Using check points
- Data driven testing
- Recovery scenario manager
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